Villas in The Canal

The villas in the area of Dao Phu My Hung include villa architectural works such as: Lam Thien Luc Luc 2 Villa; My Tu 2, 3 villas; My Kim 3 villa area; Nam Quang 2 and Nam Giang 2 villas.

The Phu My Hung Canal Zone is designed in the architecture of the famous Dao Canal Zone in the US, Dao Phu My Hung Canal is a dynamic and modern style with green canals and colorful blooming gardens. Highway Sun Yat Tien.

Along the canal of Ton Dat Tien Street in the Kenh Dao area, there are shops, restaurants, bars and restaurants that give residents the best of facilities in the area.

In addition, the Kenh Dao Canal is connected to the commercial district of The Crescent, which is crowded with glistening Starlight Bridge, creating a unique landscape in Phu My Hung urban area.

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