Riverside Residence

The Riverside Residence Phu My Hung is designed with 5 Blocks: Block A, B, C, D and E with a height of 17 to 29 floors. It consists of 622 apartments and 51 commercial stores. Area of each commonplace is 64 - 32m2. On floors 1 and 2 of Block A and E, the apartments are designed with 2 floors, with mini swimming pool and river view and park view. At the two highest floors of Block A, C and E are designed with penthouse, 2 units with floor area of 226-554m2.

Riverside Residence is located on Nguyen Luong Bang Boulevard, facing Phu My Hung International Financial Center. Riverside Residence is designed in a modern, elegant style, with the ideal location that Riverside Residence owns, is one of the dream apartments, bringing a fresh environment, harmony with nature rivers. , is the standard of modern living standard of Phu My Hung.

Riverside Residence offers all the modern services and facilities of today's modern life such as riverfront park square, shopping mall on ground floor and 2, chain of cafes, sports, entertainment ... for residents enjoy the most comfortable and comfortable life.

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