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Phu My Hung: The attraction of urban civilization, the humanist community

Phu My Hung Corporation (PMH) was established on 19/5/1993 to build Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard and to develop Phu My Hung urban area in parallel with Ho Chi Minh city to the South. In the Decision No. 749 / TTg of December 8, 1994 of the Prime Minister clearly stated the mission and vision: "New urban development in parallel with the existing city is an integral part of Ho Chi Minh City. This complex uses a multifunctional complex: It is a center of finance, commerce, service, industry, science, culture, education, residence, entertainment ... supporting internal development. This is now a driving force for the development of the south and southeast of the city. " The city is expected by the government and the city to be a symbol of Vietnam's peace, trade and integration.

Looking back 24 years of development, it can be seen PMH met the expectations of the Government, people, investors with modern and civilized appearance; It brings together and shines the standards of infrastructure, architecture, urban space, housing, and public works. Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard is 17.8km long, with 10 ~ 14 lanes passing through the urban center (433ha). It is the main arterial road that connects the chessboard traffic system in the urban area, creating traffic. convinient. It can be said that, after several decades of renovation, many new urban projects have been built all over the South in the North, but most of them focus on building houses and apartments; PMH urban area has been fully built and functioned to international standards, attracting domestic and foreign investors.

In particular, PMH stands out as a green city, bringing the pleasure and comfort to the people. Acting as the "green lung" for the city, besides the urban parks of 1 ha to 7 ha and dozens of local gardens in the streets, the vacant land is covered with green. The pavement uses bricks to increase the greening or brick worm to increase natural drainage. With a green area of ​​8.9m2 per person plus a system of rivers and canals surrounding it, the cooler environment has a temperature that seems to be about 2 degrees lower than the surrounding area. More attractive for this urban area over time.

If the technical infrastructure, social infrastructure and architectural works in urban areas are considered as human beings, then human beings will create humanities in urban centers with a friendly and cultural living environment. . Better living conditions have gradually attracted and formed a better cultural community.

It is no coincidence that this place has become a destination, a cultural center of the people of the city, of the community everywhere, including overseas Vietnamese and foreigners. One of the places that connects the community is the diverse events that create the vitality of the city, enriching the cultural and spiritual life of the people here. Many meaningful events held periodically by Phu My Hung have become traditional. In January, PMH organizes a charity walk that promotes healthy physical exercise and donations to help the poor. Through 12 spring, this charity program has attracted 152,000 pedestrians with a total donation of over 26 billion VND. This platform has created a spillover, attracting nearly two dozen charity walks every year here.

During the Lunar New Year, PMH organizes a Spring Flower Fair, a community activity that attracts about 1.5 million visitors a year. This event is even more meaningful when it contributes to honor and introduce the beauty of traditional culture to friends in the world.

Around June, the bustling metropolis with events targeting children and families on International Children's Day and Vietnamese Family Day 28/6. On Sunday 21 May 2017, the Phu My Hung Children's Festival will be held on the eve of the 8th, with dozens of games to help improve life skills, Phu My young talent contest. Hung "to help children experience, contest" Salad Processing "(for parents and children) with 30,000 attractive gifts, many music, circus, magic.

After month, the urban area enters the "Green Farm" program aimed at growing and using clean products. Last year 10,000 people participated in the PMH Green Farm Festival. September is known as the "scholarship season", for 12 consecutive years, PMH and the Lawrence S. Ting Foundation have awarded thousands of scholarships to support the training of talents. Mid-Autumn Festival, PMH organized as a light, sparkling. Christmas season, welcoming the new year there are programs for the community.

Talking to PMH today, people not only think of a charming urban area with its beauty close to nature, good order security, good living environment, but also think of a cultural destination, entertainment sports, shopping can not be ignored.

After 24 years of development, PMH has created an ideal living environment for the people here. PMH is also an ideal space for big cultural activities of Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country. are the added value that Phu My Hung people and people everywhere enjoy


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