Increase in foreigners points to diversified future for Phu My Hung Urban Area

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Foreigners living in Phu My Hung urban area increased rapidly
Recognized in the real estate floor, in the first quarter of 2016, the group of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese interested, find out the housing increased sharply. However, the actual transaction success from this block has not been as expected.

Foreigners living in Phu My Hung urban area increased rapidly

Right before the revised housing law, extending the conditions for foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam took effect, many businesses have started to reach out to their customers but have not achieved the results yet. desire.

Ignoring the marketing tactics, only in terms of product quality that Vietnamese enterprises are with demand criteria of the foreign block also has a mismatch.

According to experts, with habits, routine in advanced countries, development focus on ecological factors, sustainable, so Viet Kieu and foreigners often set high criteria, even strict on the environment, infrastructure, services, utilities and the community in which you live.

In addition, the legal status, especially the prestige of the owner is very important, the house can move in right is the preferred product.

Meanwhile, the real estate situation in Vietnam, most of the projects are individual, focus on internal development, encapsulated in the product and lack of synchronism in infrastructure, transportation, utilities, especially quality of space, habitat, limited trees ...

This explains why it is difficult to persuade foreigners to buy houses and the actual volume of successful transactions from foreigners is not much.

The latest projects in Phu My Hung, is attracting a large number of foreign visitors. In particular, this is the first time a 1% payment schedule is applied. The number of foreigners selected Phu My Hung increased 35%

According to a recent data, the current number of foreign workers with a valid permit and valid work permit in Ho Chi Minh City is over 20,300.

Preliminary statistics show that foreigners living in Ho Chi Minh City mainly live in some key areas such as District 2, District 7. Of which, District 7, with Phu My Hung urban predominate Comprehensive master plan, modern infrastructure, clean living environment, complete utilities, no less than centers and cities of advanced countries, developed in the world is considered a priority choice.

According to data from the customer service center of this unit, out of nearly 30,000 residents of urban Phu My Hung, up to 50% are foreigners from 20 countries and territories.

In particular, with the effects of the revised housing law and the signed trade agreements, the number of foreigners has increased significantly. Specifically, the number of foreigners in Phu My Hung in 2014 only increased by nearly 9% compared to 2013, by 2015, this number has increased by nearly 24% compared to 2014 and nearly 35% compared to 2013.

Representative Phu My Hung also said, starting from the end of 2015, the volume of successful transactions from the foreign block increased sharply. The most recent example is Hung Phuc - Happy Residence with 18% of the successful transaction coming from foreigners and Viet Kieu.


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