Hung Gia Townhouses

Hung Gia Phu My Hung Pho Hung consists of 5 zones: Hung Gia 1, Hung Gia 2, Hung Gia 3, Hung Gia 4 and Hung Gia 5. The main road is Bui Bang Doan, and 12m wide road Each resort Gia has a large road adjacent to the border and a small frontage, each area has a spacious, airy interior park.

Hung Gia 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 apartment blocks are built with modern and synchronous infrastructure in the heart of Phu My Hung urban area so it is easy to connect with the surrounding conveniences such as shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, bars, sports fields, swimming pools, amusement parks, international financial centers, hospitals, schools. bring residents the most comfortable and most comfortable living.

Hung Gia Town area is 6 x 18.5m. Construction of a standard ground floor, 2 floors, a roof terrace. The haamg building, elevator, windows are not built on both sides. Except for the corner, the main direction is north and south.

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