Green View Apartments

Green View apartment in Phu My Hung is a block of apartments with 3 blocks, Block B with 15 storeys in the middle, Block A and 10 storeys with 152 apartments ranging in size from 12 to 233m2 and 14 stores. Commercial on the ground floor and second floor area from 26 to 318m2 suitable for many diversified trades.

Green View apartments are designed in a modern style combined with Mediterranean architecture. Layers of smart apartments on each floor, for airy space and close to nature. The space of the apartment is not covered by other high rise buildings, giving Green View apartment owners a relaxing living space, ideal rest and tranquility in the center of the city.

The Green View Apartments are located on Nguyen Luong Bang Boulevard, a hub linking the international finance center and the My Hung Center, in the Nam Vien District, which is designed for living space as a Miniature Resort. of Phu My Hung. Green View apartments are connected quickly to all Phu My Hung high-end amenities such as international financial center, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, amusement parks .... Come to Green View apartment owner the most comfortable and comfortable.

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