Garden Plaza Apartments

Garden Plaza Phu My Hung apartment is a goaamf Garden Plaza 1 and 2, located at the very beautiful boulevard of Phu My Hung center, Ton Dat Tien road with artificial canal design and green park. In the middle, creating stunning, close to nature in the center.

 Garden Plaza 1 apartment consists of 4 blocks of detached houses, 8 floors high, each block consists of 2 elevators for 96 apartments with an area of 123 - 222m2 3 bedrooms. The ground floor and the second floor are designed with 14 commercial stores ranging in size from 133 to 524 square meters to meet a wide range of business needs. At Level 3 is designed large pool area of 192m2 large area of separate adult and children, in addition, on the third floor of Garden Plaza will be arranged square walk 720m2 for healthy living space community and relaxation zone comfortable.

Garden Plaza 2 apartment includes 2 blocks: 8 storey block and 4 storey block, 38 apartments and 4 convenience stores. The apartments are designed with view park and river scenery for comfortable living and close to nature for the owner of the apartment is always feeling refreshed and comfortable all day.

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